Demystifying No-Fault Claims: Key Facts You Should Know

No-fault claims are a type of insurance claim that provides compensation to individuals involved in accidents, regardless of who was at fault. These claims aim to streamline the compensation process and ensure prompt financial assistance for accident victims. This article will demystify the concept of no-fault claims by highlighting key facts you should know about this insurance mechanism. I. Understanding No-Fault Claims No-fault claims, also known as first-party claims or personal injury protection (PIP) claims, operate on the principle of providing swift compensation to accident victims without the need to establish fault.

Emotional Distress And Nightmares After A Car Accident

After a car accident, you might find that you’re suffering from nightmares. This is very common for those in car accidents, particularly if you were injured. You might also be entitled to compensation for the nightmares you have suffered. Seeking Help for Nightmares and Emotional Distress You may notice you suffer from anguish, fearfulness, depression, and sleep disturbances. You might not want to sleep because you are forced to relive the accident.