Is The Driver Making The U-Turn Always Responsible For The Accident?

Making a U-turn can be a very dangerous decision. As a driver is making the U-turn, they might crash into another vehicle because the maneuver can often be unexpected. Drivers are supposed to make sure that the road is clear before they make an attempt to make a U-turn, but some drivers are very reckless.

The Legality of U-Turns

In some cases, a U-turn is not even allowed because of local ordinances. If this is the case, the driver will definitely be considered responsible for the accident occurring. However, if U-turns are allowed, such as if there is a sign that gives permission for U-turns, you will need to prove that the other driver was reckless when performing the U-turn.

Reckless U-Turns

Some U-turn accidents occur because the driver failed to estimate the speed at which you were traveling and made the U-turn when it was not safe to do so. Other drivers are not paying attention and make a turn without even noticing you. For example, the driver might have been distracted by someone else in the car and caused the accident as a result. 

How to Prove Fault

The other driver might argue that you are instead at fault. For example, they might claim that you were speeding and that your recklessness was the cause of the accident. However, they will need to prove that you were speeding to hold you responsible.

Because the case can easily turn into one of your word against theirs, it's important to speak with an auto accident attorney who can assist you. An attorney will help you build a solid case so that you can be more likely to negotiate a settlement with the other driver's insurance provider and receive full compensation.

How to Maximize Your Compensation

Your compensation might be limited if you accept an early settlement offer or if the insurance provider argues that you are partially at fault for the accident. For this reason, it's important to not accept a settlement offer right away or to admit that you are at fault until you have spoken with an auto accident attorney and have gathered all of the facts of the case.

A car accident can be confusing, but evidence can often be gathered from the scene of the accident that can be used to prove your version of the events. Then, you can be able to receive full compensation for the damages you have suffered. If you have questions or need help compiling your case, talk to an auto accident attorney near you.