Retaining a Personal Injury Attorney to File a Wrongful Death Suit

When you have lost a spouse in a tragic accident, you may be left to pick up the pieces of your life and figure out how to move forward. Going on with your life can be especially difficult when you no longer have your spouse's income on which to rely.

The difficulty can be even more challenging to accept once you know that the accident and your spouse's death were preventable or an act of someone's negligence or malice. In this event, you have the right to hire a personal injury attorney and file a wrongful death suit against the person who caused your spouse's tragic accident and death.

1. Holding the Person Accountable

No amount of litigation or suing can bring back your lost spouse. However, a wrongful death suit can hold the responsible person accountable for what happened and make sure they cannot inflict the same amount of damage and tragedy on another family later.

Your personal injury attorney can establish what happened in the accident and show that this person caused your spouse's untimely death. They can use this evidence to take your case to court and get the judge or jury to side in your favor.

2. Pursuing the Right Amount of Damages

You may not even realize the full impact that your spouse's death will have on your family. You know that you will have to forge a future without their income. However, you may fail to appreciate the punitive suffering that you and your children will experience in the coming months and years.

This amount of suffering, along with the loss of your spouse's income, has value under the personal injury laws in your state. Your personal injury attorney will know how to evaluate this loss and essentially put a price tag on it. They can then use that value to know for how much to file the lawsuit and what kinds of damages to ask for in court. They can pursue the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to under your state's current laws.

A personal injury attorney can help you move on with your life after you lose a spouse in an accident. They can prove what happened and hold the responsible person accountable for the accident. They can also pursue compensation to which you are entitled. Contact a local law firm if you need legal assistance with your case.