Mistakes People Make When Trying To Win A Personal Injury Case After An Auto Accident

If you have gotten hurt due to the negligence of another driver while you were on the roadway, you may decide to press charges for reimbursement of funds you paid for medical expenses. Vehicular accidents are a bit tricky to prove fault without the proper proof to bring into a court of law. To substantiate your necessity for monetary compensation, there are several steps you should avoid to make your case solid. Here are some of the mistakes people make when trying to get money as a result of a personal injury due to a car accident.

Not Following Up With Medical Providers

After you were in the car accident, you most likely went to an emergency room or doctor's office right away. While this shows you were worried about your body's state at the time, it is not enough to prove you had extensive injuries as a result of the accident. You need to make sure to follow up with your doctors after this initial visit to check on the progress of your condition at regular intervals. If you fail to fill prescriptions, it can be brought into the courtroom that you are not following your doctor's orders, perhaps because you are not as injured as you claim. This will raise doubt in the mind of the judge and jury members, possibly ruining your chance at compensation.

Failure To Provide Documentation As Proof

If you do not have photographic evidence of the condition of your vehicle after the accident occurred, it will be tough for your attorney to prove you had sustained injuries as a result of the impact. These photos can be analyzed to show at what angle the vehicle had been struck, possibly incriminating the other driver as a result. Make sure to take pictures of the location where the incident occurred from several angles. Provide your attorney with any paperwork your body shop gives to you, as well as any insurance documentation showing the magnitude of the damage. 

Exaggerating The Injuries You Had Sustained

If you pretend to be more hurt than you truly are, you will most likely be caught. Your doctor cannot vouch for your pain intensity threshold in certainty, making any suspicious behavior look unfavorable in a court of law. If you exaggerate your movements to make it appear you are very hurt, it may look stilted to others observing. It is important to realize there is always the chance the other driver's insurance company had hired a private investigator to watch your every move. If you act differently away from the courtroom, it may be noticed. Stick with the truth regarding the extent of your injuries rather than try to make it appear you are in more pain, as this mindset will not help your case as a result.

Hiding Previous Accidents Or Injuries

You may think having a prior accident would hurt your chances in obtaining funds for your current predicament. It is best to be up front with your attorney regarding any previous incidents you were involved in instead of trying to hide this information. The same goes for any medical troubles you had before the incident occurred. If you were already suffering from another condition, this information may come out in court. If you fail to tell your attorney, there will be air of doubt in your intentions to obtain compensation. Rather than risk this assumption, let your personal injury lawyer know about all past information.