Injuries At An Airport: Who's Responsible And Who Should You Sue?

Travel by flight is a very common occurrence these days, as are injuries incurred on airport grounds. If you have received some sort of injury during your flight or in the airport, do you know who is responsible? Better still, do you know who to sue? Because airports are hubs where several airlines come together, this is a very complicated process, and one which you should not try to navigate without the help of an accident and personal injury attorney. Here is the information you will need to pursue a personal injury case with the airport or airline.

When Your Injuries Occurred on the Plane

If your injuries occurred just as you were getting on the plane, just stepping off the plane or completely inside the plane, then you need to take up your complaint with the airline who owns and operates that plane. They should respond to your situation promptly and provide you with some type of compensation for your injury, which may come in the form of a free flight ticket or some other travel amenity. If you feel that your injury was more substantial and required more attention than what the airline representative gave you, you can sue the airline for medical expenses and the cost of your flight.

When Your Injuries Occurred Prior to Boarding or Just after Getting off the Plane

The boarding ramp that stretches out and connects to the plane's passenger door is part of the airport. Accidents have occurred where the boarding ramp was not connected and secured properly by the airport staff, and people fell or were stuck. Injuries inside this boarding ramp, as well as injuries that occur inside and outside of the airport itself, are all the responsibility of the airport and not one specific airline. Ergo, you would seek compensation from the owners and operators of the airport since they failed to provide safe footing and security for you.

When Your Injuries Are Caused by Rushing or Stampeding Travelers

Finally, the last type of injury common to airport travelers is any injury caused by other passengers and travelers rushing or stampeding through the airport or to the gate. If you were knocked over, stepped on or shoved hard enough to fall and injure your head or body, then the persons responsible are the ones that pushed, shoved or trampled you in their hurry to get somewhere. While you may not have time to find out who these people were, you can file a report of the incident with the airport security, and then take a copy of that to your personal injury lawyer. The lawyer can then investigate and find a passenger manifest and security footage to track down the persons responsible before filing a lawsuit.

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