4 Damages That Can Be Collected In A Wrongful Death Case

If you have a loved one who died prematurely due to the fault of a third party, such as their employer or a nursing home, then you will be able to file a wrongful death claim. However, you must be eligible to do so. In all states, the surviving spouse or children will be able to file a wrongful death claim. Only in some states are extended family members able to file a claim, such as grandparents, siblings, and more. When you file a claim, here are four types of damages that you can be expected to receive coverage for:

  1. Economic: The first type of damage that you can expect to receive coverage from in a wrongful death claim is the total amount of future financial contributions your loved one would have made to you and the rest of the family that relied on his or her income. This would include loss of wages, benefits, and more that otherwise would've existed had your loved one lived out their normal lifespan. This can also include coverage for the expenses that you had to put into funeral planning and medical bills if your loved one was in the hospital for a certain amount of time before their death.
  2. Non-Economic: Of course, the other type of coverage you will receive is that for the mental damages that have been done to the family. Children may have had to miss school due to depression and mourning the loss of their parent. The surviving spouse may have also had to miss work for the same reasons. All pain and suffering will be compensated for. 
  3. Punitive: Punitive damages are not able to be sought if your loved one worked for a certain type of employer, such as a government-based employer. However, if your loved one was in a nursing home, which is typically the case when punitive damages are sought, then punitive damages will likely be rewarded if the nursing home was not meeting your loved ones standards to live. Punitive damages are basically payments the nursing home or employer would have to make as a punishment for causing such an untimely death due to neglect or inappropriate conduct. 
  4. Attorney Fees: In some cases, you will even be covered for the attorney fees you had to pay throughout the wrongful death claim process. Receiving reimbursement for this is another way to guarantee that you are not financially distraught after your loved ones death.

Of course, the best way to guarantee that you receive these coverages for all damages done is to have a highly skilled professional wrongful death attorney by your side. Besides, in the end, you may be compensated for the attorney fees you had to spend in order to receive their professional assistance. Click here for more information.