Were You Injured At Work? Discover What A Lawyer Can Do For You

Did you suffer a serious injury on the job and can't work at the moment? You have the right to ask your employer for workers compensation benefits that can help you financially until you are able to work again. If your employer has already refused to give you workers compensation benefits, you may want to hire a lawyer and sue. Below, learn how a lawyer can get you the money that you need until you recover, and how much his or her hourly rate might be.

How Can a Lawyer Aid with Helping an Injured Employee Get Paid?

When you initially consult with a workers compensation lawyer, tell him or her how your arm got injured on the day of the incident. He or she may ask you if you have had any other injuries during your history of your working for your employer. If you are probe to accidents, it is possible that your employer is holding a grudge against you for always needing money for treatment. You should be able to get workers compensation benefits no matter how many times you were injured in the past, but it depends on the laws in your state.

Before filing your lawsuit, the lawyer will speak to your employer to attempt getting you workers compensation benefits one last time. The conversation will take place during a mediation session if your employer is ok with it. You can actually benefit by getting paid faster if the mediation session turns out well. If your employer still denies you workers compensation benefits after mediation, the lawyer will begin gather evidence to take your case to court.

The evidence gathered to argue your case will include:

  • Your medical expenses
  • What you are being treated for
  • Income lost from being out of work
  • How long you are expected to be treated

How Much Will an Injured Worker Be Charged by a Lawyer?

There is a limit concerning what a workers compensation lawyer can charge that is based on the laws in your state. However, it is typical for some lawyers to charge a minimum of 20% of what is won in court when working on a contingency fee basis. It is not likely that any money will be due until the lawsuit is over, depending on if it is successful in court. Make contact with a workers compensation lawyer soon to get the benefits that you deserve!