In Your Own Words And Pictures: How Your Photos And Video Prove Your Truck Didn't Cause An Accident

When you drive a semi tractor and trailer for a living, you know there are many perils on the road, and there is sometimes no way around an accident when you are in your truck. Despite the fact that an accident may have nothing to do with you at all, you may still be injured or blamed for injuries to others. Take as many photos and video of the scene as you can and then contact a truck accident lawyer for help. He or she can help you straighten out the details of the accident using the photos and videos you took. Audio and video proof of the scene can help your case a great deal, (so long as you know what to take pictures of and what video/audio to record).

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

If you carry a camera or a smartphone with you, be sure to take pictures of the entire accident scene, including any skid marks on the road, which could prove that you tried to stop, swerve or avoid the accident. Take pictures of all of your injuries and all the damages to the vehicles that were involved in the accident. Try to do this quickly, and before the police arrive, because once the police have documented things from their perspective, they will begin moving vehicles out of the way to make way for the backed up traffic. By taking your own set of pictures, your lawyer can point out any discrepancies in the police reports or statements given by the other victims or witnesses.

Record Any Verbalizations On Site

Often, what people say at the scene of an accident may be countered later on, or the others involved may forget what actually happened or was said. If the company you drive a truck for has dash cameras, be sure they are on and functioning. Your lawyer can also use what is heard and said from the footage of dash cams, as well as anything you record on a phone's dictation program or another type of voice recording app on your phone. Contradictions in what was said at the accident versus what is said in court can work to your advantage if anyone sues you or tries to accuse you of the accident, especially if the accident was caused by someone else driving under the influence and clearly speaks as though he or she was intoxicated.

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